Sportive Plus’ #NousPouvonsEtre Campaign

I had the honor – and pleasure! – of being part of the filming for the 4 videos of the #NousPouvonsEtre (#WeCanBe) campaign from the plus-size sport brand Sportive Plus.

The #NousPouvonsEtre campaign, a reminder that plus-size women can be and do everything they desire. This video introduces Joëlle Vaillancourt, model, along with Edith Bernier, backpacker and finally Nancy Duchesneau, half-marathon runner. Their message is simple: you can do and be what you want. Candidly, they open up on their success, their challenges, but mostly on the fact that perseverance was worth it. You too can be who you desire.

Thank you to Julie Asselin & Sportive Plus for choosing me to share such a vibrant and positive message!

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