The Project With No Name...

You probably already saw the teasers I shared on Facebook and Instagram since January 17. In case you didn’t know…  I have been taunting the community of the blog with a new, upcoming, very exciting project.

Fat-Phobia: The Forgotten Feminist Issue.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, feminists all around the globe raised their voices against rape culture. (It was clearly needed.) With the “popularization” of feminism that followed, are we losing one of the essential components of the advocacy of women’s rights?

Fat Girls Are The Nicest.

From their tender age, fat girls are the nicest. Society also sends them the message that they also have to be nicer than everyone else. And that, even when no one else has to be kind… they (still) do.

Montreal Pouzza Fest: Punk It Up!

On the Victoria / Patriots Day long weekend (May 18-20), Montreal was in Pouzza Fest mode! Over 175 bands from all over Canada and the US,  but also bands from the UK, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Northern Ireland and Sweden gathered downtown Montreal for a weekend of punk – and ska, and punk rock, and more! –
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Big Fit Girl: (My Words Published!)

Big Fit Girl: Embrace The Body You Have by Louise Green – a fellow Canadian who is also an accomplished plus-size athlete, trainer, and entrepreneur – was launched on March 18! The book is now available in bookstores and on Amazon (Kindle & Paperback). At this time last year, Louise approached me to know my
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